XF 2.2 Stuck Upgrading to 2.2.5


I started the upgrade process with the browser. Kept getting 500 Internal Server errors on step 9. Switched over to SSH and this is what it is giving me:


It has just sat there for 40 minutes. I don't know if starting with the browser has caused this. Any suggestions?
Yes, there are alot of posts. I believe I have about a million posts on there right now.

Any time frame I should start to get worried? This is my first upgrade and wasn't sure this was normal. Still on step 10 with no movement.
Upgraded without any issues in 3 minutes (with master-data rebuild) half-year ago.

If I were you, I would really check if the MySQL is doing something.
If the CLI process is still running then it's almost certain that MySQL is actively doing something. This can generally be confirmed by running the following query:


(Run that as the same MySQL account XF uses or as root.)

The speed of table alters (the most common part of an upgrade) is really down to MySQL configuration and the speed of the underlying disk. 40+ minutes is absolutely unexpected for a million posts -- on a well configured server I wouldn't expect more than a couple minutes really -- but there are a lot of potential variables.
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