Fixed Stuck Inbox Alert


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On here just now, I've got a stuck Inbox alert. I've no new unread PCs, but it won't go away



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I have seen this "Stuck Inbox Alert" at XF-version 1.1.4 already. So it seems it is not related to XF 1.2


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I have had a user report basically the same issue on vBulletin with Opera. He visits the site with IE and it fixes it. Craziest thing but seems like a similar issue.
It was there when I went to bed last night, and then when I logged in this morning (on a different computer again), it was gone.


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I'm not sure why this would randomly go away. The only way I could see it being wrong is through a bug or a race condition.

I have, however, added code to correct this if it's found to be wrong.


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Thanks @Mike - just to confirm that exact actions last night.

Stuck notification in Chrome in Windows 7 laptop. Logged in via Waterfox on same laptop, still there. Logged in with Chrome on iPad 2, still there, logged in with Safari on iPad 2, still there.

Sent and received several other PC's last night, new alerts came and went, and each time that alert would then show as highlighted at the top of the drop down list.

Came to work this morning, different laptop, not there anymore.