Strange problem with 2 images


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On my forum a member created an album today and then uploaded 3 pictures. If you access to the album you can see the 3 respective thumbnails which make me think that the pictures were uploaded sucessfully. However when you click on 2 of these 3 pictures you get the following in Chrome 42.0.2311.135 m:

The browser seems to be rendering the image (like a progressive JPG) however at 15% it abruptly ends with the following:


It might appear that the image doesn't exist in the filesystem however it exists because Internet Exporer 11 shows the following:


This is rare because the thumbnail got generated properly:


And well using the XenForo Attachment Browser the image is:


Which you can see have a size of 36.7KB however on the Attachment Browser it says that the size is 612.5KB

What could be happening?

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Chris D

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I've seen a similar behaviour whereby the "size" of the attachment data is set incorrectly in the database (which is later then set as a content length header) and I've seen different browsers react in different ways with this. Anecdotally from what I can remember that includes Chrome not loading the image at all and others loading it so far.

This isn't something I've seen with the Gallery itself, so I'm not sure exactly why that would be the case, or even if it's the same thing, but it seems similar.

If the user tries again with the same images, does it work?
If the user uploads them to a conversation or forum thread, does it work?

On the last step, if it does work, it would be interesting to test these original images myself. Furthermore, let me know if you have anything that modifies the image during upload; possible examples would be whether a watermark is applied, or whether you have a max image width/height. Finally also let me know if there are any add-ons involved, e.g. Attachment Store or some other CDN provider.


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I do not have anything that modifies the image during upload, I'm not using the watermark feature nor any add-on that touches the images (aside from the damn problem of my disappearing banned member avatar files).

At admin.php?xengallery/options I have set the maximum file size to 1MB and the maximum dimensions to 2592 x 1944 (the same dimensions are set at admin.php?options/list/attachments)

Now when I look at the file properties of the affected image I see:



As you can see the image dimensions are being displayed as 2592 x 1944 which is exactly my limit set at admin.php?xengallery/options

Maybe it's the problem?

Chris D

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I'm not going to be able to confirm what the problem is unless I get the original images. Answers to my other questions will also be useful, (e.g. can it be reproduced consistently, what if the original image is uploaded to the forum, etc.)


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Well I'm not the owner of those images so it doesn't depends of me however I'll try to get in touch with that member and ask him to email me the images. I can't promise anything thought.

Regardless if I get the images or not this is strange:

By the way in Chrome if I look at the source code of the page where the image is displayed I can see that it's calling the image from and if I paste that URL in the address bar the image gets displayed (incomplete) but it is displayed.

Why on it is being displayed as a broken imagen when in fact it isn't broken?

Chris D

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It's not particularly strange.

That's basically just a quirk with how Chrome is dealing with loading that particular image.