XF 1.3 Strange looking characters after import


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I have some very strange looking characters in posts and signmatures after import the import from vBulletin to XenForo.

How do I fix this issue?


An example:

TAMPA — Joe Lala, regarded as one of greatest musicians to come out of Tampa for his drum work a generation of rock’s top performers, died at a hospital Tuesday morning at 66 of complications from lung cancer.

Lala, a Tampa native, performed percussion for such influential acts as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, the Allman Brothers, The Eagles, The Bee Gees, The Byrds, Eric Clapton, Neal Diamond, Kenny Rogers, John Mellencamp and Barbara Streisand.

He accumulated 32 Gold Records and 28 Platinum records and played on the movie soundtracks of “Saturday Night Fever,â€￾ “Staying Alive,â€￾ “D.C. Cab,â€￾ “Streets of Fireâ€￾ and many more.

Lala was perhaps best known locally for the Latin-tinged pop/rock band Blues Image, founded in Tampa and famous for the song “Ride Captain Rideâ€￾ — No. 4 during 1970 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian RPM magazine charts.

He survived by his brother, Michael. Services have not yet been scheduled.

Late Monday night, told Lala had taken a turn for the worse, musician Graham Nash told the Tribune, “Joe Lala has been a friend and musical partner with Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for many years. He is a good hearted man and has a great sense of humor. We all wish him the very best and hope for a speedy recovery.â€￾

Lala died a few hours later.

“He is undoubtedly one of the all-time great musicians in the history of this city,â€￾ said Tampa radio personality and Lala’s longtime friend Tedd Webb. “Take a look at his discography and all the people he played with. To play with so many legends you have to be a legend.â€￾

His list or recordings is at joelala.com.

“Stephen Stills is one of the most demanding musicians I have ever known and he would ask specifically for Joe,â€￾ said Michael Garcia, former road manager for Stills, of CSNY, Buffalo Springfield and Manassas fame. “That alone speaks volumes about Joe’s talent.â€￾


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This generally indicates that a character set needs to be forced at the beginning of the import. This is common when moving to a different MySQL configuration when doing the import.

Unfortunately, the only way around it is to do a fresh import. This necessarily involves reinstalling XenForo or reverting to a pre-import backup. (This is the only way to remove the imported data cleanly.)

When starting the import, try forcing the character set to "latin1" on the import DB configuration page.