XF 1.4 Store drafts for X hours not working properly in Chrome?


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My settings:

Store drafts for X hours: 1
Save drafts every X seconds: 60

I haven't tested with other browsers however in Chrome 43.0.2357.124 even after an hour has passed I'm still able to see my draft message. For example lets say that I was writing a post in thread A then the system automatically saves it after 60 seconds however I accidentally close the browser tab and then shutdown my computer... when I turn it on even a day later if I go to thread A when I get into the editor box my saved draft is still there!!!

Is this normal?

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Chris D

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The drafts are removed from the server once per day.

We've changed this to run hourly from XF 1.4.8 onwards so that the drafts will be pruned closer to the time you might expect.