Stop sniggering at the back (another logo critique thread)


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OK, I'm really struggling to come up with any sort of logo for the site redesign so in desperation I'm turning to you lot to have a laugh at my expense provide some constructive criticism.

It's for a motorsport site, focussed mainly on Formula One.
The site name relates to the line a driver must take around a corner for the fastest time; i.e. clipping the apex (

I've settled on the font so that's a definite, only took 3 days too...:confused:
The colour is also definite so that won't change.

As for the logo itself though, I can't seem to come up with anything other than plain text, a bit of shadow and some variations related to the initial letter "C".

So without further ado, this is what I've got so far:

cta.png cta0.png cta1.png cta2.png cta3.png

The main problem is whenever I do anything with the "C" it becomes disassociated from the rest of the text and the wording looks like "lip the apex" which would obviously be undesirable, not to mention rather painful...

I like the idea of the last one as it implies a race track, albeit an oval.

So do your worst :D


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*falls over laughing* Just kidding; these aren't bad at all. ;) However, I got the "lip the apex" wording you mentioned on #3-5, and #1 and 2 don't have anything exciting to them.

One thing I thought about while seeing how they "clip the apex:" what about using a large capital A to "clip the apex" of the C? If you'd like, I can post a mock-up (is that font free, ergo downloadable?).


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Me too.
I'd like to be able to use the C to enclose some or all of the text so if I can get it to work and still read correctly then I'll be happy.
3-5 look horrible, IMO. The first two look better, but are pretty boring. What is your site about? I don't know what "Clip the Apex" means, but I would probably try integrating something the site is about into the logo, if possible.


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My immediate thought is to curve the X - make the two lines slightly curved to represent the corner line ... but now I've tried it I'm not so sure? (I didn't download the font so ignore that part):



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Regarding the use of track edging for letters, that's something I'm not really interested in.
It can look cheap and gimmicky.
Not to mention red is for Ferrari (spits) :D

I've tried various placements Trombones similar to your mockup.
Nothing seems to really work though.

Maybe I need to change my domain name :D


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Oh and the reason why I wanted to try and use the C enclosing the other letters is it ties in nicely with the favicon, square avatar for Twitter, Facebook, etc.



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I see what you're saying about the "C" becoming disassociated. I like the last one, but I think I would prefer it with Clip The Apex and then the partial oval. Basically, adding the actually "C" to image 5. Then you could give the oval a road appearance. Looks like you almost have the colours in the navbar so it'll flow fairly well, plus break that green up a bit too.


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Number 5 for me, but personally I'd do it in white and read to simulate the kerbing used on the apex and corner run offs