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Stop New thread alerts while migrating


New member
Hi All,

Please help me in solving this problem. I have around 6000 threads to be created and i am using XENAPI to do that. For each thread/post created an alert is created and it is annoying all moderators and admins. Is there any way to stop alerts for all users for some time ?

Pavan Patharde

Daniel Hood

Well-known member
The easiest and quickest way to do this would be to edit /library/XenForo/Model/Alert.php and find
public static function userReceivesAlert(array $user, $contentType, $action)
and change it to
public static function userReceivesAlert(array $user, $contentType, $action)
return false;
Remove the line that we just added when you want alerts to go back to normal. This is untested but I believe it'll work.