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Rob H

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I have successfully added these add ons but don't know how to get any one of them to work, yup u got it I am not computer literate:
Admin Extras
Enforce Post Rules 1.0.3
XF Nav1.5.0
[bd] Rotating adds 1.6.2
[bd] Tag Me 1.5.6
[bd]Widget Framework 1.5.3

All the boxes are checked all downloaded properly


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I think for Tag me, once you installed it you just have to type @ with a few characters. And the names should pop up for you to choose. There was no further settings that I remember.

Make sure you're not blocking javascripts

Chris D

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This is going to be very tricky if you're not confident in your technical ability.

And also, if you've gotten this far you can't be too computer illiterate :p

You need to be specific for us on exactly what you're trying to achieve. For example, according to your previous thread you found the options for the Widget Framework, but if you don't know how to use it, you're going to have to be clear about what you want to do with it.
Yorick...Rob and I are together on this venture so considering I had asked you to help in a PM..looks like we have to ask you here on the far as the widget and all these add-ons there were installed for us by an IT..however, after looking into a few of the threads that some of these came from, I notice a couple of extra things that should have been added to make certain ones of these add-ons to work properly..example..for the widgets=nivo-slider, so maybe I should go through each link and check for myself first before asking you or anyone else how to get the above add-ons to work...

Chris D

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Yes, following the provided instructions is recommended. I don't use most of these add-ons so that's all I'd do if you needed help.

If after following the instructions you still can't get it to work, or don't know how to use it then posting in the thread for each add-on is your best solution as that will be watched by the developers of the add-ons and many other people who use them.

My advice to you by PM was to post your query in the forums for this very reason. Out of your add-ons I only have personal experience of two and posting a thread seen by many is always better than asking individuals for support... Which also means I should stop sending PMs to Jake Bunce... :censored: [/hypocrite]

Good luck :D
lol...thanks, the 'lol' was for your comment to Jake..however your suggestion to post one by one is noted..thanks for your fast response........cheers..


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I use rotating ads - what specifically do you need help with?

A general first step is, after installed, to find the config screen. Sometimes it's not easy, but doing a search in the ACP will work.

Here are the basics - see the two screens?
the first is the basic info. As you can see, I have three ads rotating on the front sidebar of my forum.
then there are the individual items - I have enclosed one so you can see the simple HTML code pasted into the proper field.

Does that help?
Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 2.09.00 PM.png Screen Shot 2012-06-10 at 2.09.14 PM.png
exactly what you have showed me..all I would like to do is to rotate several jpegs..maybe 10 and have them up above a block I have in the 'home' page..but because I'm not learnt in html or php, I'm at a disadvantage...


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exactly what you have showed me..all I would like to do is to rotate several jpegs..maybe 10 and have them up above a block I have in the 'home' page..but because I'm not learnt in html or php, I'm at a disadvantage...
You have to have some basics - such as being able to make the images all the proper sizes and upload them to a directory in your web path where you know they are!

You don't need any php experience, just the html as I have entered into that box. In fact, you can use that as a guide!

Notice there are two URL's inside that code. One, which starts with, is the one that links directly to the image - the other one ( is where you would go if you click on the banner!

That's about as far as I or anyone else can take you - you should probably learn the very basics of HTML - or, if you cannot for some reason, have someone else follow the instructions above to do it for you. It's not too hard to just learn the "link" and "anchor" parts of HTML (img src and href)