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XF 1.3 Starting a conversation


Well-known member
When starting a conversation the following options appear:
  • Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others
  • Lock conversation (no responses will be allowed)
Are those configurable? I'd like to limit the use of these options to my moderators only.


Well-known member
I think that controls another thing because if set to "No" the checkbox "Allow anyone in the conversation to invite others" is still present.


Well-known member
@Mike if I want to get rid of those checkboxes it's safe to remove those lines?

<li><label for="ctrl_open_invite"><input type="checkbox" name="open_invite" id="ctrl_open_invite" value="1" /> {xen:phrase allow_anyone_in_conversation_to_invite_others}</label></li>
<li><label for="ctrl_conversation_locked"><input type="checkbox" name="conversation_locked" id="ctrl_conversation_locked" value="1" /> {xen:phrase lock_conversation_no_responses_will_be_allowed}</label></li>
If I simply remove those lines then people could still be able to set the conversation_locked status to yes (locked) by using URL tricks or something like that? If so, what is the best approach to get rid of those checkboxes in the template? Maybe changing the input type to hidden and forcing the default value to be unchecked?

Btw value="1" means checked? It's rare because it's always unchecked to me.


XenForo developer
Staff member
You can just remove those lines, yes. Technically, the value would still be changeable via a direct manipulation to the request.

Make sure you take them away from the conversation edit template as well.