XF 1.1 Staff online sidebar not showing anymore


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After my switch to the style Flexile from Minecraft by Eric the "Staff Online" sidebar is no longer working, i should be posting there but i figured posting here would get me a quicker response, any idea what may be causing that not to show? I do believe i have that block installed, by default it should be there, if not i have no clue where to get that block, haven't found anything yet.

Jake Bunce

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Are you using XenPorta or the Widget Framework? Those addons can override the sidebar layout. Otherwise that block relates to these templates:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates
> forum_list
> sidebar_online_users


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Xenporta is being used on the forum, is there a way to get the staff online to show again, and would it be possible to show the usergroups colors in the regular users online block as well?