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Sportsbook & Betting Exchange [Paid] 1.10.1

No permission to buy ($45.00)
It says
In order to Abandon this Event, you must first delete any outcomes that have wagers placed on them. Deleting an outcome returns any wager money placed on it.

and I am unable to delete outcomes. I click the delete button, it bings an alert "do you want to permanently delete". I click yes. but everything still stays. strange...
it worked now.... dont know what was the deal previously....have to check this out lol

Edit: I was not checking the radio button. That can be missed you know :D Better would be yes and no button....

Thanks for your help Stewart.
I need this "Give to Poor Amount" translate to BD-Banking Cash giveaway. I am a customer. Can you help me get it done. How do I approach you for this?

Anyone using sportsbook with BD-Banking? How are you giving cash to users upon registration?
Anyone using sportsbook with BD-Banking? How are you giving cash to users upon registration?

Yes, post in the forums for support.

I actually replied to your question at his support site with how to do so as it is.
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there is a bug.

let me explain.
1) you can only bet whole dollars amounts.
2) the job to 'give to the poor' only gives when their balance is at zero (i.e. zero cents).

now i have a balance of 50 cents. I cant bet using that amount, nor can i get the minimum 'give to the poor amount.

what can i do?

Also is it possible to remove the fractions for the bet and instead list bet odds as say 1.38 instead of the fractions. there is an option to not display the decimal notation, but no option to not display the fractions.
I bought this, but where do I download it? Whenever I go to Store > Sportsbook,

It just gives me the option to buy again.
Thanks guys. Also, is there a way to add categorys?

Yes, Its the first link under Sportsbook on the Applications tab in the admin CP (Named: Category Management). Make sure that you set the ADMIN PERMISSION manageSportsbook for any Admins or the menu options in the Admin CP won't be available.
This seems to be happening when I click Sportsbook


I'm guessing it has to do with title length, yeah?
Titles are being trimed at 70 characters.. you can edit xi_sportsbook_index_newest_events and change {xen:helper snippet, $event.title, 70} to 60 or 5o. You might have to make that adjustment in other places as well.
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