XF 1.5 Spoiler tag not working after upgrade to 1.5.7


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When I post the spoiler tag, it is ignored. Within a post it's just not visible, when posted on its own I get the error message "Please enter a valid message."

Anyone else having this issue?

Tracy Perry

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Works for me
Maybe you need to make sure you aren't getting any error codes in the JS console for the browser - or stop any ad-blockers or temporarily disable antivirus.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Your spoiler has to actually have content inside it otherwise it won't render, guys.

[SPOILER="spoiler test"][/SPOILER]
Won't work

[SPOILER="spoiler test"]will work[/SPOILER]
will work


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The mistake I made was clicking the spoiler link in the editor thinking that I could add the content that way in the overlay, but it only asks for a title. It's designed to use on existing text.