Awaiting feedback Special chars in RSS feed are broken


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I use some of my forum rss feeds with hootsuite. Every three hours the last feed message is sent to twitter, for example. This works fine, however there is one small issue.

If the rss message title contains special characters, for ecample German "ä ö ü" these characters are broken within the twitter tweet. I just had a look at the rss feed source code. There is no UTF-8 encoding defined. Any idea what I can do or where I could modify my templates?


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I just looked at an RSS feed on your site. It both sends UTF-8 in the HTTP header and has this in the XML:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Where are you not seeing UTF-8?

I will note that I get an encoding error on your feed, but putting it into an RSS validator points to it being some of the HTML that has been expanded which looks like something custom.


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Well how does one escape & chars? Normally in an xml structure I would use CDATA, but the URL field expects an IRL and won't allow me to use cdata