XF 2.2 Only latest threads in RSS feed


The RSS feed currently lists threads with new posts.
Is there a way to list only recently created threads in the RSS?
Possibly just overlooked a setting in the ACP.

I would like to automatically announce new threads on Twitter&Mastodon. Announcing every post there could result in my account being banned ;)


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Ok, that was simple (thank you XenForo).

Use the search forum node and set it like this:

Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 11.56.53.png

Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 11.57.01.png

You can also exclude it from the forum list:
Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 11.58.30.png

And filter any other settings, but those two from above are relevant.

Once you set it up, go to the URL of that search forum and add -/index.rss at the end (example: https://your_forum.com/search-forums/url-for-search-forum.xx/-/index.rss)

Now you have an RSS with new threads only.


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FYI, if there is a quick reply to a new thread, then that thread might not be in the RSS feed because there will already be more than 0 replies. I use IFTTT to syndicate my RSS feeds to social networks and sometimes this happens if the IFTTT service doesn't fetch feeds quickly enough. But I can live with that. If some thread is important, I just check and manually share it if necessary.