Spam through converstaions

I'm noticing spammers are signing up and although I monitor posts for spam, I can't see their conversation activity.

Today, because of an email bounce on a users closed email address I received a copy of a conversation. This new user (spammer) is spamming through conversations out of my ability to see.

How are you all dealing with this? Is there some way of monitoring / removing?

I remove spammers all the time, but in this case I'd like to keep his posts but remove his conversations, ip, user, etc.... Is there a way to do that?
Great... I think.

I installed the addon and set admin rights. I can see the option and view for myself. But, how do I see the conversations for a potential spammer? When I look at his profile I don't see a menu item.

Disregard... I figured it out. I originally thought it was only my conversations showing on the listing. I see that all are listed. Happily not as big a problem as I was prepared for.