XF 2.2 Spam problem


i have a spam problem, not with registration but from the members themselves, as there are members using very weak passwords like: 123456
there are several methods to detect weak passwords or request inactive members to update their passwords?
You do have it in 2.2.9.

ACP > Users > batch update users.

You can then choose various criteria for users and then update to reset or change as in the screenshot I posted above
thank's Lucky, i found it & updated the members that have been inactive for a year
i will wait & tell you the result ;)
I would be inclined to check any suspect account emails with https://haveibeenpwned.com/ to see if “Naz.API” is listed. If so it's highly likely the member has been infected by malware which will have harvested logins and passwords for multiple services from data stored in the user's browser as plain text.

That's the short version, here's the detail.
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