XF 2.2 Spam problem


i have a spam problem, not with registration but from the members themselves, as there are members using very weak passwords like: 123456
there are several methods to detect weak passwords or request inactive members to update their passwords?
I have @Xon's sign up and abuse add on it along with cloudflare turnstile works like a dream.
If you're getting data breeched you might want to get the users affected to change their passwords.
Be prepared to address users who no longer have access to their registration email...I have literally dealt with thousands of them, and still get one or more every week.
Depends what you use

  • If you use change password they do not need an email, they get a notice on the site so just need to put in their old password then choose a new one.
  • If you use reset password, a password reset request is sent by email (but no old password required) - this one is best if they have forgotten their password.
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