Spam on Xenforo early hours of this morning?


Formerly mugtree
I was awake early this morning and checked new posts on the xenforo forum and saw pages of this:


Looks like it has all been removed now. What was it out of interest? Was it spam?

Liam W

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I had over 160 alerts... (It might have been 360 actually, anyway it was a ridiculously large number that was 3 digits long). Selected the alerts tab, turns out all but 3 were invalid.

That's a lot of spam.

Daniel Hood

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So he spent all night posting over 100 new threads?
Look, spammers aren't really known for using their time wisely. lol

Seriously though,
And how easy is it to hack the login/sign up and someone / bot do this?
It wasn't a hack. It was just a spammer. XenForo has great spam management tools. You can never stop 100% of spam though because it would create a bad user experience and plus sometimes spammers aren't doing it programmatically. Plus sometimes it's legitimately a person sitting there for hours, wasting their time.


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I see, I see.

It was only 6:04 AM for Brogan when Jake posted, though it was still 10:04 PM for Jake and me. However, it wouldn't have really surprised me if Brogan had gotten it, because, according to him, sleep is for the weak. Ain't that right, @Brogan? ;)