Spam Cleaner in Moderation Queue

It would be nice to have a "Spam" link beside posts/threads in the Moderation Queue, so that if we run the spam cleaner, then the Moderation queue should automatically refresh, deleting all the spam posts by the user.

Now we have to click on the username and then run the spam cleaner and then refresh the Moderation Queue. If there are many spammers, then it becomes very tedious.


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This would indeed be handy. One of my sites gets bombarded with human spammers and so, using staged permissions so that the default Registered group has their first several posts moderated, it would be easier to have a Spam Cleaner link directly from the Moderation Queue page.


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I'd like to see this too. We get quite a few one-post spammers that get caught in the moderation queue, but there's no easy way to jump directly to the post or mark them as a spammer. I have to click on their username and do it that way. Often the moderation queue will catch posts from new members, most commonly they'll be a spammer so just deleting the post is no good.


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Different to the way it's done in 1.2? As things stand, I can't use the spam cleaner direct from the moderation queue.


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If I recall, it didn't use the card before but it does now, so you don't need to leave the page to trigger the spam cleaner now.

That said, the initial message talks about auto-refreshing or removing entries based on calling the spam cleaner which isn't something it does.


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Would be nice as to submit them to SFS I end up just backing out of the queue and spamming them out as they are from 100% spam sources.

However at this point I have them all blocked by AS name and no longer see any of them so its a shame i cant report them for other peoples sake anymore.


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Couldn't you just bring up the member cards of the members whose threads are in the moderation queue and use the spam cleaner that way?

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You can do it from the queue without leaving the page (via the member card by clicking the username).
Interesting, Theres so much space in the moderation queue, basically the page can be made a bit less awkward.

I think my suggestion still stands though, when you are trying to get past these really fast, would be good to just have a spam option directly on the mod queue if the member meets the criteria.


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Commenting to support this. I've been getting an influx of spam lately (last ~4 weeks), and it isn't immediately clear to my moderators that they can easily ban accounts via the member card.

I'd like an additional option for them to very clearly mark something as "spam" as opposed to them simply deleting something from the queue (which is what happens most of the time). As it stands, having to go out of your way to designate a user (and subsequent posts) as spam, really disrupts the entire flow of the moderation queue. While this could be solved by educating moderators further, I really do believe that the entire process should be more intuitive.


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Another 'Like' to the suggestion.

Yes, the individual user name can be clicked to view the member card and then the Spam option chosen, but it'd be so much easier if there was a "Spam" option as one of the Action options combined with a "Select All" option on the Moderation Queue page to apply the same action to everything in the queue.


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I'm surprised there isn't a spam button directly, as it is the foremost tool of fighting spammers once they make it through registration (apart from it being used also for moderating certain members).

I'm aware that once you click the username of the member it does bring up the spam option, but even I didn't know that until I clicked the username, used to go to content and then use the spam button.

It would make things easier and quicker, 100% agreed.
Bumping this thread, rather than posting the suggestion again. On my forum, 95% (or more) of the SPAM gets caught in the moderation queue with few false positives. Most posts are very obvious SPAM and I can tell just by glancing at the titles in the moderation queue (pharma related, dating, etc. etc.). Almost all of the maintenance related time I spend on my forum consists of clicking through to each user's profile and running the SPAM cleaner on them when spam gets caught in the moderation queue. This burns up 10-15 minutes a day and is something that surely should be streamlined with more automation. I'd get back almost all of my time and be able to focus on replying to threads and being an active member of my forum if I could just tick a box for "Spam Cleaner" right on the moderation queue page for each entry that is obvious SPAM. Then at the end of the page, run "update" (or a separate button for Spam Cleaner") and have it run the spam cleaner on all of the posts I selected. It could pop up and prompt me to check the options I want, then apply it to everything I checked in the queue.

This would be so nice =)


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I was facing a lot of spam bots and whatnot at one point until I came along an addon called TPU: Detect and Block Spam Registrations ( which you can block potential spam registrations based upon ISP, hostname, email address, visitors country, etc. This may not be what you're looking for but this helps greatly especially when I don't allow VPN/Proxy registrations so they will just automatically get rejected once they hit the "Submit" button in the registration form.