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Spam Cleaner in Moderation Queue

It would be nice to have a "Spam" link beside posts/threads in the Moderation Queue, so that if we run the spam cleaner, then the Moderation queue should automatically refresh, deleting all the spam posts by the user.

Now we have to click on the username and then run the spam cleaner and then refresh the Moderation Queue. If there are many spammers, then it becomes very tedious.


Well-known member
This would indeed be handy. One of my sites gets bombarded with human spammers and so, using staged permissions so that the default Registered group has their first several posts moderated, it would be easier to have a Spam Cleaner link directly from the Moderation Queue page.


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I'd like to see this too. We get quite a few one-post spammers that get caught in the moderation queue, but there's no easy way to jump directly to the post or mark them as a spammer. I have to click on their username and do it that way. Often the moderation queue will catch posts from new members, most commonly they'll be a spammer so just deleting the post is no good.


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Different to the way it's done in 1.2? As things stand, I can't use the spam cleaner direct from the moderation queue.


XenForo developer
Staff member
If I recall, it didn't use the card before but it does now, so you don't need to leave the page to trigger the spam cleaner now.

That said, the initial message talks about auto-refreshing or removing entries based on calling the spam cleaner which isn't something it does.