Not a bug Spam Cleaner - Conversation error causing cleaner to fail entirely


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I've had to use the spam cleaner now and then for a few users that are either real spammers or pissed off kids who spam the board, however sometimes the spam cleaner will not function at all and spits out the following error instead:

I get this when I use the default settings seen here:

Again nothing will happen if conversation error appears after hitting "clean up" - the spammer won't be banned, his threads will remain, et cetera.

It seems the issue might lie with "Delete spammer's threads" as "Delete Spammer's messages" by itself with no other options worked, Ban Spammer and Check IP's by themselves also worked.

My spam cleaner thread option is to remove from public view in the ACP.

Not sure if this is an XF bug or an isolated issue with my board alone, not sure how I can test either since it appears to be some-what random so even if I threw up a dev install with random users I don't think I'd be able to reproduce it easily.

I'm not trying to start a conversation with him or email him, and it's even set to ban so I can't imagine why XF would be trying to start a convo as I don't see it as an option either. Seems really odd that this conversation error is popping up and I'm not sure if I'm the only one that's seen this from time to time.

Only occurs with a few users and I haven't been able to find any correlation as to why... no preferences where they only accept convos from people they follow or anything, and I'd presume the spam cleaner would override that anyway.

Anyone have any ideas?

Jake Bunce

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To my knowledge there is no feature to PM a spammer upon cleaning. Do you have any addons installed that might be sending the PM?


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Doh, come to think of it, this might be the culprit, or rather has to be. I could have sworn I was seeing this before the addition of that addon but I must just slowly be losing my mind.

Just checked the options for that addon and it was indeed set to send a conversation on a deleted thread. Set it to none, that should do the trick.

Thanks Jake & sorry XF team for my shortsightedness!