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Space After Smilie 1.0.0

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Chris D

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Chris Deeming submitted a new resource:

Space After Smilie (version 1.0.0) - Changes the default smilie template so there is a space automatically after each one



That's it!

This add-on automatically adds a space after each smilie.

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what would actually be best is to add the space BEFORE the smilie rather than after, would solve #2 and perform the same functionnality.
I won't be updating this add-on because there's lots of iterations that people might want including spaces or double spaces or spaces before or after so I will now leave the rest of it up to you guys :)

If you want to make these changes yourself, open this file in a text editor:


You will see two variables in this file:


You can modify these as you wish. As you know, by default this add-on creates a space at the end of the smilie. You can see where these two spaces are created as they are indicated by  

To put the space at the beginning you would just add &nbsp; right before <img on each line.

So with that information you can now easily play around with it yourself. Have the space before and after, have multiple spaces if you wish. Good luck :)
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