XF 2.2 How to add space after node icon


I changed the node icons to custom ones, but how do I add space between them and the text? This is on the main index.php categories listing.

Change the width for the icon.

    width: 56px;

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How do I add it to my current template modification? I tried it here and it didn't take:
/* Forum read & unread icons */
.node--forum.node--read .node-icon i:before{content: url(./styles/RL/xenforo/node_icon_read-48.png); width: 56px;}
.node--forum.node--unread .node-icon i:before{content: url(./styles/RL/xenforo/node_icon_unread-48.png); width: 56px;}

/* Subforum read & unread icons */
.subNodeLink:before{content: url(./styles/RL/xenforo/node_icon_read-48.png) !important;}
.subNodeLink.subNodeLink--unread:before{content: url(./styles/RL/xenforo/node_icon_unread-48.png) !important;}

This Less is all new to me coming from vb.

I moved it to the bottom of all those edits, exactly how you wrote it, and it worked. Is that right? It seems like it should be in the other edits above...
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