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John L.

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Hi All,

I'm not really sure how many people here on the community forums actually run gaming communities on SourceMod, but if you do then you're probably very familiar with SourceBans++. It's the SourceMod addon that essentially runs the punishment aspect of your community in addition to admins.

5 years ago we made a plugin which synced XenForo users to SourceBans by creating accounts in SourceBans based off the usergroups they have. This was pretty useful to us at the time because it allowed us to manage users from within XenForo and not within SourceBans.

I'm planning to re-open my gaming community and I'm in need of a little assistance. If anyone here who is well-versed in creating XenForo addons (and better yet SourceBans), would you be interested in contributing to this project? This will basically just be a community based effort in terms of updating the plugin to support XenForo 1.5 and the latest version of SourceBans++.

I haven't done any initial testing of the plugin, but hope to do so soon. If you're interested then let me know and thanks for your time!

You can find the GitHub repo here:

Thanks again!
I made some updates to the GitHub and actually got it working somewhat. I'm not confident in my code so if anyone wants to take a look and make changes, let me know. I also wanted to make a Cron Job to run the sync every hour or so, but I couldn't find a way to do it properly. If anyone wants to help with that then go for it :)
I'm very interested in this. I don't know a ton about PHP or making addons for XenForo, but I would LOVE to have something like this. I run a gaming community that uses SourceBans for my Garry's Mod server. If you want to get in touch with me and let me know more I'd love to see if I can help out at all.
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