Source of your username ?



Oh gee, now we're going to get 500 threads like these :D

My username is my first name, how people call me. (well, that or my overlord, up to them)


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My username here is my name. No big surprise there. My username on other forums, OhioSweetheart, is simple. I live in Ohio, and I am a sweetheart. ;)


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Back around 1993, I was an AOL user and chat was big. Only trouble was the first question everyone asked was "where are you from" --- S000 I created a username made up of my name and a location clue.
Joeychgo translates to Joey Chicago. AOL only allowed 8 letter usernames so I couldnt spell the whole thing out.


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Lawrence, my first name. :) I decided to use my first name when I joined vBCodex. My D0E user name is the initials of the title of a novel I am planning on writing: Druid of Erêdaé.


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Took a few years to get to Deebs. Started an online gaming community in the UK back in the 90's called BarrysWorld. Nick back then was TheDBs (the English will understand what I mean by Dogs Boll*x). Basically I thought I was good at online game but wasn't. Then it was shorted to DBs and friends pronounced it "Deeeebs" so I took the name Deebs and it has been my online name for the last 8 or so years I guess.