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Does anyone have suggestions on how I might be able to export the data and images or whatever I may need to do in order to import it later into another solution? I need to upgrade to XF2 and this is the only thing holding me back right now...
It seems that Sonnb is back again. At least he updated some of his other addons for XF2.x and he is also now more regularly in his own support forum:

I hope that he will communicate soon what we can expect from his Gallery addon for xenforo 2.x

But for sure this gallery addon for XF1.5x is not further developed anymore because of obvious reasons (end of life of XF 1.5x)

Just go in his support forum and ask him.


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Son, have you considered instead of building a completely different add on, instead expanding and adding features to the XF core media gallery?

Adding the things that made yours great like the feature rich lightbox, masonry view, easier quick upload capability, media map etc?

You might have a larger market for the add on this way, as people won't then have to decide between two completely separate add ons.
Although at first sight this seems to be a good idea, I have to say I find it better, if there are two competing gallery products out there. This is better for us, because tehy compete in price and in features.

So far, both available gallery addons had a very different approach and a very different target group because of their features and layout.

I like the idea that competition helps to improve products. Who is motivated to improve your own product, if there would be no competition?

The XF team needs their ressources for Xenforo and the ressource manager. They can not be good at everything, if there are not enough people to develop it. I would rather see improvemenst on the xenforo forum side, if there are alternatives for a gallery out there.

sonnb has one core product (Sonnb Gallery) and a few other addons which are not that demanding to update. So he can focus on his core product better than XF is able to focus on its MediaGallery, which is an adon on the "sideline". And the price of Sonnb is also significant cheaper. If you run more than one forum, this adds up...

But Xenforo could also hire Sonnb and include him in its team and merge both galleries. Now that would be a home-run...