XF 1.2 Something got really botched up on my forum


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Not sure what I did, if anything, but suddenty guests on my forum, when viewing a thread, lose the header entirely. The header actually appears at the bottom of the forum!

Here, I'll show you.

Click here, and the header appears just fine:


But click within a thread, and the header disappears. Scroll to the bottom, though, and you'll see it at the bottom of the site!


Any ideas what's causing this? The only thing I did today, of substance, was create a child style from the main style so that I could make the child style responsive and the main one not.


Oh, and when you're logged in, this issue doesn't happen.


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Oh, guess what? I disabled the Ad Manager add-on (for which I paid money...ugh), and the problem went away. (That add-on was the first thing I thought of that configured the site differently for guests.)