Something about profile pages


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Long story short, they're kinda boring, and an afterthought for most of my users.

What about I see a post I like, I click something and a overlay appears where I can share that post, with a comment, on the profile of people I follow. Or something. Am I stealing ideas from facebook? probably, meh, a billion chinese people can't be wrong.

It's cool to see all the new buttons and tricks in the admin each release, and we have some awesome modders in the community... I'm interested to see what new bells and whistles can be added for the end user by the team here, would we end up with a bunch of gimmicky facebook-esque functions like the one I probably just mentioned or is their still room for some truly original innovative features to bring boring sections of the software into the interesting parts of it.

Trophies are another one.
"hey look how many points I have"
"good for you buddy"
"what do I do with them"
"I honestly dunno, but I'm sure there's a mod for it"


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This thread falls outside the general guidelines as I couldn't determine an actual suggestion.