XF 2.2 3 styles, one is missing something on member profile and popup


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I have three active styles: default in two color variants and Shades of Grey. After installing some add ons, everything on member popup card and profile, that is a button is missing. Disabling the plugins did not change anything. There must be something in the dark style, that did not happen in the other styles. How can I find out, what happened?

There was one addon, that changed something concerning buttons in both these areas: "User Is/Isn't Following You" aka "Follower Info" by @Ozzy47 I uninstalled it though, but the dark theme is not back to normal there.

This is how it should look:

This is how it looks

Same here:


Same account, only switched styles
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Hmm, so I solved it, again as soon as posting this here...

I found server errors pointing to member_macros. I reverted it for the dark style, and then rebuilt the two addons that had made changes to that template. And it is back to how it is supposed to be!

(Thanks for all those great addons, by the way!)
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