Someone really likes XenForo

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Alright, as an unbiased forum software user naturally I check out and compare the various scripts that are available. Recently I checked out the alpha version of Woltlabs new framework that is going to be used for the upcoming burning board 4 software and while it's normal that competing software share some similarities this one, though I personally like it, makes me wonder where Woltlab got their inspiration from.

At this point I will let pictures speak:
wcf-1.png wcf-2.png wcf-3.png wcf-4.png wcf-5.png wcf-6.png

Some old pictures from their twitter account:
wcf-7.png wcf-8.png wcf-9.png


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The fact like someone pointed out was that mimicry is the highest form of flattery just say's that they acknowledge at least a portion of the logic behind how xenforo was built from scratch and now other companies in the same market will probably continue to take ideas in bits and pieces and spin them to suit far as visually just by looking at those me them showing it as is would just be them tipping their hat to xf.

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Indeed, very similar. Note: to Woltlabs, expect a letter from IB !

That being said, the feel of the software might be harder to copy.
Not to mention, when Xenforo 2 comes out, they'll have to scramble to copy that !

Thanks for the post Luxus.


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Just for fun... try searching 2001 posts at with "woltlab". But if anyone asks, you didn't get this tip from me, ok? :)

Adam Howard

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I hate to say it guys, but imagine where XF would have been if it wasn't for the lawsuit...
That is what happens when a Monopoly, such as Internet Brands, abuses their position in the market. They generally do all they can to "cock block" the development, productivity, and financial resources of another company, to prevent success and their own failure.


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It's not the first time Woltlab would make their newest skin look like another forum software, they've done it before.


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A post at confirms that "Someone really like XenForo."

It's not just the C.E.O. that likes XF, it's possibly, the whole team. They're inspired. It seems like everyone's following xenForo nowdays than ever before.
Hm... to me he bashes Kier's coding style.

Indeed, I could write my own
extensions to enhance the software with features I need, but once again I've stumbled upon a
no-go: Imperative code encapsulated within object-oriented classes. At least I wasn't surprised
that the former head of development at vBulletin wouldn't entirely change his way of
programming. Sadly, because they really had the opportunity.
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