Some questions of XF & the payment


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Hi community..

I need purchase a license but have some problems

first, i cant pay with paypal because my account is bugged o.o
I can pay with "MoneyBookers" or "2Checkout"?

Another questions..

If i purchase 2 licences, i have some discount?
With the license, i can install a forum in my localhost & another in the realwebsite? (In the localhost for testing)

Sorry for my bad english, i'm from argentina..


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For payment issues, please send a message using the Contact Us form.

With regards to installation, the terms of the license are as follows:

Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and the payment by You of the applicable fee for the Software, XenForo Limited grants You a limited, non-exclusive, worldwide license to install, download and use a single instance of the Software ("License") through a single installation. Each License may run one instance of the Software, accessible via one URL. Any attempt to circumvent this limitation is prohibited and will result in the License being revoked.
Before deploying the Software, you must register in the customer area the address (URL) at which You will use the License. This URL must be kept up-to-date. You may create a single additional test installation for the purpose of testing the Software. Any test installation of this kind must be password protected, and access to it must be limited to You and Your website staff.

Essentially you can install it on your site and locally (or on a server, password protected) for testing & development.