XF 1.5 Some issues when migrating to new host

Hi all :)

I'm currently in the process of migrating from one host to another. I have cPanel/WHM on both servers, have had my host do a complete migration with no issues. However the issue occurs with images. They are broken. I've rebuilt the master cache, have ensured that the A records are all correct. Everything else works, but images (mostly signatures) do not work. If I disable the Image proxy it works fine, however I need the proxy because I serve my site over SSL. How can I fix this?


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Check image proxy log? Any server errors? A firewall on the server? Is curl enabled...

What else would be preventing you from downloading hmm

No errors. No nothing. My firewall is CSF. Curl is enabled. I'm stumped :(

I even tried disabling the firewall and seeing if that helped. Nope.
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