Some Google results after migrating to XF


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Okay, this is just a quick post to share my recent experiences.

I have run a very niche site for almost 5 years. Was vb from the start (versions 3.7x until 4.x.- with suite). The site is at . For a few years, I had the first google results for my main keywords (physical evaluation board). Over the last, say, 10 months or so, I saw some dropping by a few results. Then, about two months ago, I "caught" a vbseo related sql injection something or other, and google dropped me altogether from search results.

On March 12, I finally migrated to XF. On March 14, I was up to the second in google results. Then, On March 17, I am back in first place for my keyword results.

I am always somewhat reticent to make apple and oranges comparisons on SEO. That caveat aside, I am fairly well shocked that I moved back to first place in the google results so soon after migrating to XF.

This is all aside to the general great feedback I have had from my members since migrating.

XF might not be best for everyone's needs. However, I am finding that it has been a great move for me.


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great feedback! I can not wait to use my license that i bought last year...
What has been holding you back, if you don't mind my asking? I held back for a long time for a number of reasons (time to devote to moving, among them, but I was also hung up for a bit on CMS, photos, and attachments that I had in Jelle's Downloads II mod). While I am not sure I have the "perfect" solution now, what really pushed me was lack of vb substantive development along with "having to" upgrade to get any kind of real support mixed with the sense that I like the XF user experience better...I think everyone has to make their own decision about what is best for them, but I would say that I think the equities push toward migration to XF. At least they did for me.


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I’ve been hold back by the Gallery software that I bought for vb 3.8, that is vbGallery by Photopost. Photos are a huge part of my community and I needed a good, compatible gallery script for xf before I was able to transfer.

Since I was never comfortable with the vbGallery software for vb (at that time it was, i believe, one of the best for vb 3.8) and since I don’t want to depend anymore on a external gallery script, and after much consideration, I’ve decided to build my own script to hold all of the official photos for the community (no uploads from users and one admin controls the admin panel for the gallery.. so there is no need to build something out of this world... categories that hold albums that hold photos with tags...) and use the album mod available for xf for the user to enter their own personal photos... For my needs, it’s the best solution I’ve found...

As per the rest of the mods, i really never had more than 2 or 3 (spanish language mod, and shoutbox mod)... and they are all available for xf (lucky me!).

In two months or so, I’m planning to test the import and go live! I’ve been playing with xenforo for the last couple of weeks on my localhost and i love it! The experience is awesome! I’ve showed it to some users for feedback and they can not wait to use it...

Good luck!


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Yeah, it is a tough call, wanting all the mods or functionality. I still think everyone has to make their own call, but for me, the benefits of XF in ease of use and "user engagement" (coupled with the "hell" that I have found to be in vB over the past two years or so) outweighed staying with vB.

I feel you on the photos, however, I think this is probably something that can be overcome with some mods out there. I kept a backup of my db from vb, plus imported all attachments into my XF db. My thought is that sooner or later I can find an "interim" solution if I don't find an ideal solution sooner.

Is your site heavily Spanish speaking/writing? I have just registered a Spanish speaking/focused URL (my wife and family are from Colombia, so I thought to try my hand at a local focused forum). Interested in your experience with this.


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I get a malware warning when I visit your site, just thought you should know.
On which site, the link posted in the first post? Because I just visited it and get no warning, even checked ABP to see what was blocked there, not spotted anything out the ordinary. I wouldn't rule out the Malware being on your computer itself.