XF 1.2 Some Categories Missing RSS Feeds

I've noticed that some of my categories are missing RSS feeds, and I'm completely stumped as to why some have them and some don't. I have no registered feeds, and I have found nothing to edit or toggle on individual nodes that would account for RSS at all, let alone some having it and some not. Any help or guidance appreciated. =)

A partial SS is below. Notice that the sub-categories from the category on top have RSS links. Within the "HoC Museum" category only one sub-category has an RSS link. All the others do not. If it helps with the troubleshooting, each sub-category is empty except individual sub-forums.


category rss.png


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Being able to see the actual site would help, but categories don't have RSS feeds - just forums. (They can both have sub-forums if desired.)
Ah, I realize what I have done. All are category nodes, except the one showing RSS. Thanks for the tip, I had misunderstood the relationship between categories, forums, and RSS.