XF 2.2 Images on RSS feeds


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Is it an XF issue when some imported rss feed images are not displayed in created threads?
I noticed a difference in the feeds that might cause this problem, the length attribute :

images are displayed : <enclosure url="https://images.bfmtv.com/aOCzty9-_OEvlRjScLsJyMSzsqo=/0x52:2048x1204/800x0/images/Xavi-1160161.jpg" length="0" type="image/jpg"/> note that the length value is 0

images are not displayed : <enclosure type="image/jpeg" length="36243" url="https://www.francetvinfo.fr/image/75wuphy0w-81b8/500/281/25742997.jpg"/> note that the lenght value is not 0 but has a very high value, 36243 in this case.

Thanks for your lights !