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XF 1.5 [solved] Notice list empty, errors when trying to create new notice.

I've just updated from 1.4.5 to 1.5.0 with the "Download the upgrade package only" zip.

The notice list - most of which were my own old 'forum has been updated' announcements - is empty.

Then I try and create a new notice, I get "Please enter a valid value." message. When I try and submit the blank form on its own, I get:

Please correct the following errors:
  • Please enter a valid value.
  • Title:
    Please enter a valid title.
  • Message:
    Please enter a valid message.

...so no hints as to what's blank there.

File Heath Check shows some files in the install directory were "File does not contain expected contents", re-uploading the folder from the full install zip does not fix the messages.

Any ideas?
Right - Add-ons may have some influence

Antispam by CleanTalk - 1.2.0
Convert Image - 3.4
Convert Image All - 3.8
Enable/Disable Notable Members - 1.0.0
Member List Manager - 2.0
Remove Gender - 1.3
TAC CustomImgCaptcha - Customise your images for CAPTCHA - 2.4.0
Today's Birthdays - 1.4
[FreddysHouse] Two-Factor Authentication - 1.3.3
[RT] Spoiler - 1.0.3

I'm familiar with JavaScript console, but have no idea what information might be useful there.


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Try re-downloading the upgrade zip file and then re-uploading the files again. If you used Filezilla, I suggest you try a different FTP program as Filezilla is known to cause problems. I'd suggest WinSCP if on Windows or Cyberduck if on Mac.
@Martok, That seemed to be it - both The file health check and Notices, after re-running install.

Though I ended up being lazy and uploading the zip to the server and unzipping there, rather than locally. Fillezilla would have to be working pretty hard to mess up whatever it's doing in that case.

Thank you.


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Though I ended up being lazy and uploading the zip to the server and unzipping there, rather than locally.
That's the best way to do it. I always upload the zip and then use the command line to unzip and move the files. More reliable and quicker too.

I'd still ditch Filezilla if I was you. ;)