Lack of interest Soft Deleted Threads - Undelete from Inside Thread


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When mods have soft-deleted a thread, it throws a 404 to Google Console, and we end up with sometimes 50+ 404's listed there.

The solution to this is that mods should permanently delete instead.

But we're cleaning things up right now in Console from years of doing this.

Console links you directly into the thread.

The thread could be a year old and on page 50 of your forum topic listing.

Needle / Haystack.

When you arrive into the thread you see the circle with the line through it saying thread has been deleted.

However when you click on "Thread Tools" it still says "Delete Thread". There is no option to "Undelete Thread".

This seems like an error.

Now .... if you were to navigate to the thread in the forum topic list - find it on page 50, and click the checkbox, it gives you the option to "Undelete Thread".

This makes sense.

This option to undelete thread should be available inside the thread as well, under "Thread Tools".