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Please try this:
  • add a new thread, write some text in your post.
  • soft delete this post

=> The thread is soft deleted

To repeat it: When you delete the post => you delete the thread

Now let's try the opposite way!

Mark your post and click "undelete";

Result: Nothing!

To undelete the thread, you have to undelete the thread, not the post.

If I can go the way: delete post => delete thread
I should also be able to go the way: undelete post => undelete thread
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I think in different ways the current behaviour is both logical and illogical.

When you delete a first post, it deletes the thread. So from that point it is like any other deleted thread, ie you cannot undelete specific posts within a deleted thread whether it be the first post or the 94th posts.

To do what you suggest it would need to become a different kind of deleted thread, ie one where you can undelete a specific post thus reviving the thread or part/s of it.

Although I see the logic behind deleting a first post creating a deleted thread, it is odd that moving a first post doesn't - the thread remains but with post #2 becoming post #1.

It would make sense when you delete a first post to get an option to delete just the first post or the whole thread.

For me it would make most sense if deleting first post didn't delete the thread, that it just s=deleted first post and made #2 become #1. because if you want the thread deleted why not just delete the thread?
You can discuss a lot, but you can break it down to what is happened some hours before.
I have deleted a first post for testing, I marked the checkbox and used "undelete"; nothing happened.
I wondered, but I was tired also, so I tried it again.
Again, nothing happened. Then I understood that I can't undelete a first post, and that I had to undelete the thread.

Whenever something like this happens: having a function, but the use of it has no effect, it is wrong in my opinion.

The solution is:

undelete the thread, when undelete the post
make the option to undelete the first post not choseable.
make the option to undelete the first post not choseable.
That part of it I might say is borderline bug.

For example the merge function is not visible when only a single thread is seated for moderation. This makes sense because you can only merge two or more threads.

So the same logic should apply, as you say, there should be no option to undelete when in that situation you cannot undelete.

Merging two posts, but having one => option for merge not chooseable
makes sense

But making the "undelete" not chooseable, needs knowledge, that we can't do that and move up with the mouse instead to undelete the thread.

Now think about "time is money", one second of work in a forum is one cent?;

Try to undelete post, view, think about, understand, move mouse, undelete thread ... costs 10 seconds? Ok, 10 cents.

How often this happens in the world? Suddenly, we talk about a lot of money.
Merging two posts, but having one => option for merge not chooseable
makes sense
Well you might be surprised how often that question is asked, because people think they should be able to choose merge and subsequently choose the two or more threads to merge. To thosepeople (who may have used other software that works in that way) it does not make sense.
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