XF 1.4 Social Groups just vanished....?

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I had someone on here playing with my server to fix Country Flags issues a week ago. (and I thank you for that!:))

Since then, my Social Groups (I have Three) are now gone.

"Groups" tab at top of forum is gone.

I see the add-on in my ACP, and nothing changed as far as settings.

?? Should still be working, but no.

I can go to a group forum, but no more tools to control the group....Cannot invite members anymore, and members cannot request to join.

Fix One problem to make another.....yeah!:(


Thank you,
You and Snog jumped onto my FTP and ACP about One week ago to check out Country Flags, and now that is working.....but someone messed up my Social Groups.

I have no idea who or how this happened, so I am at your mercy!

Was working for many many months, but stopped working the day Country Flags got fixed, which I did not do.

Thank you....

So, this probably has nothing to do with the actual add-on, but something else....No?
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