So with Mandrill going premium, what are some alternatives?

Dibya Prakash

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How do I get DKIM signings once again? It seems I have occasionally changed txt records in my DNS settings (@host provider)
Just reviewed your custom envelope domain. You need to set the TXT record of to "k=rsa\; p=MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDLMMExLiGRqzJkNdNIjUnLX7JL0wjbwwENDoXgJIBisIsrofLPetZM401dioNU8k/Qp6nIyi5oioyZh+1jDXoCPFa4nLGRNj3Nz785N7b76aTtHmy2wTgR2LFS/Yw5/iyzhyrWsIyINyyHs77EoCwSOQjJfhFxb6SmifLN51IIvwIDAQAB"

Once this is done, DKIM will be enabled for your account.

Mr Lucky

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Update, I'm now using mailgun and so far looking good. Some delivery fails (in red) the first day or two until I added the (supposedly optional) MX records. The fails shown for yesterday (01/12/18 12:00 am) were a test so expected.


My only issue is getting xenforo bounce notification to work.


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I'm now using mailgun and so far looking good.
Yes I have used 1 years but Today moved to SendinBlue because Mailgun does not support HSTS nor do have any workarounds when using HSTS with tracking features. Also elasticemail are good but this will send contact address inside in email.

General information: We need a physical address to make sure your emails comply with international anti-spam laws. This information will appear in your emails.

Mr Lucky

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Yes I have used 1 years but Today moved to SendinBlue .
I looked that but don't like the pricing structure. Up to 9000 free, then £15 for up to 40,000. I'm sending approx 9000, so I could end up paying £15 just for sending email number 9001. I'd be OK with paying per 1000 (I think mailgun is something like 50 cents per 1000 over the 10000 free threshold.


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Can't see the email body, as I know... But subject is there.
Where the sending emails logs showing? I have STMP setup and send one email but anyway can't find out the log. Only showing count 1 email send but no details for this email address.

Floyd R Turbo

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I haven't searched back but anyone use postmarkapp?

Getting delivery to work is one thing.

Avoiding treatment as junk/spam is the REAL hurdle. I would pay for an application that gave me the ability to see if gmail, yahoo, ymail, AOL, or anything Microsoft (hotmail, msn, outlook, live, q, etc) placed one of my forum's message into the junk mail folder. That's the big hole here. I have to explicitly tell people to look in junk/spam (online, where the filtering happens, not in the phone or PC client) and then instruct them how to add filters or add to safe senders lists to prevent that kind of treatment

I can send out 20 emails to a guy on hotmail and he'll get them all. But then if I compose a long message with a bunch of links, that gets flagged as spam even though my SPF and DKIM and rDNS is all golden, that $#@% doesn't mean a thing apparently.