So with Mandrill going premium, what are some alternatives?

I use SES for sendy newsletter sending, so I'm going to go ahead and configure to use SES for forum emails as well.

Might as well give it a shot... I need to setup the bounce handler though, as I've already got a server error due to a email being invalid.

On Edit:

I've having trouble verifying one of my forums as it's on a cPanel server and it doesn't seem to like my CNAME records..

It will not send and log a server error .

More testing...
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I use mandrill quite a bit, and haven't received notice if this, so thanks for the heads up.

So basically, it looks like if you used free mandrill, you'll now have to pay a minimum of $20USD just to keep using it.
Crap.. I rely on Mandrill a lot.
As for alternatives, sendgrid starts at $9.95, mailjet at $7.95, sendinblue is free for 9,000 emails, mailgun is free for 10,000, elasticemail is free for 25,000 (probably what I'll use).
Just got email about it as well.

With 100-200 emails a week it doesn't make sense to pay for commercial service. Using my own servers is not a good idea because IP was blacklisted at some point (someone got hold of my sister's mail account and sent lots of spam over few days before it got noticed), so I will have to look for alternative.

Mailgun seems like a good service.
Moving my server email to Mailgun, it's a shame Mandrill have done this and from the email i got it's a paid add-on to mailchimp, so you need the paid basic mailchimp than whatever the maildrill add-on costs. For how much email i send/get mailgun will do me fine and makes sure my email gets to people fine.
I see lots of suggestions above, but which of these does xenforo have integrations with?
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