So what do you think?

Mike Creuzer

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Now that we've had a chance to actually install it, use the control panel, and have some fun with it, what do you think?

I think its amazing! The admin control panel is perfect. Love the use of chalkboard-like icons. Everything flows very well.

I like the search prefix in the templates. That is useful. Similar to other software's drop down menu to show, but I find it a tad quicker.

What do you all think?
Not had the chance to check out the code for modding yet, but looking at the ACP, I can see it's easy to use (but not as easy as IPB3, I must say!)
To note for those interested - if you are looking to develop addons, you'll want to put the following line of code in your config.php:

$config['debug'] = '1';

Mike Creuzer

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I gotta say... The first log in at the ACP when the login box slides up - it's magic. :)
Yes, that was very pleasant. I quite enjoyed that. In fact, the first time I logged back out and back in (first to make sure that it wasn't a glitch, then to marvel at its wonder).

XenForo has outdone themselves.


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I find the CP something to get used to. I don't know how long or how many times I killed everyone (including my!) rights to viewing the forum before I realized how to navigate the permission node tree correctly, when adjusting for usergroups. Left side links assign perms to the forums, right side links to the usergroup in general - I guess. Inheritance and what forums have modified rights to what groups isn't as clear as I'm used to. (didn't play with it too long).

I also really wish there was a master 'back to default' button for the permission trees, and in each forum. As well as help buttons that told what each privileged did exactly.

Dealing with users (admining them, or anything) is sorta tedious as theres not a "edit user" button in their profile like I'm used to.

Few other things. But, over all I like it a lot. I do realize it's in beta and has a ways to go. And, even if - I also realize I'm just used to vb and sorta have to do a factory reset in my brain.
I'm delighted! I set up a test site for one of my licenses and am amazed! It honestly is the easiest set up I've ever done (this from a non-geek, know only what I've learned as I've gone along) to be greeted by the most delightful admin control panel. I love the chalk drawings and the ease of use. I've never seen anything so straightforward before.

I've not done any conversions yet because I'm just playing for the moment. I love it! When I chose to ditch vB I tried other paid alternatives which were excellent ... but this for me beats them all. Simplicity and thoughtfulness work!

Well done to the XenForo team!


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The UI is great. Also most of the core functionality is there, just some minor improvements needed in some places. Once the needed add-ons come out this thing is unstoppable.


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Just finished installing and doing a test import on a local test server... All I can say at this point is Xenforo is Sierra Hotel! Assuming I don't run into any show stoppers during testing I probably take it live this weekend. :)

Kier, Mike and Ashley deserve some serious Bravo Zulus and a pint or two! :D


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I also imported a vBulletin 3.8 forum with no problems at all, amazing, everything just works, now working on the style, it looks easy enough, we'll see...
Very happy with it. I still need a lot of features before can go for a live site and to fix some errors that keep popping up (probably host issue), but apart from that, i'm really impressed.


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Not had the chance to check out the code for modding yet, but looking at the ACP, I can see it's easy to use (but not as easy as IPB3, I must say!)
I agree the AdminCP isn't as easy to navigate as IPB3 but I expected that. IPB3's admin search function is a godsend.


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What can i say so far:

- Installing new styles, very easy / perfect!
- Control panel, a different but postive approach... easy / almost perfect
- Editing posts, users very easy / perfect!
- I always hated using sub forums, XenForo changes that... again perfect!

Love it how you can easily change and add trophy awards.

And not to forget, this beta 1 the very first release and it's allready amazing.