So think you can multitask?


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After 11 tries, my highest score was 26. I've never been good at multi-tasking, lol.


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First attempt: got to 50 ... after 40 you get a third thing to do with the AWSD keys - which totally threw me out!!


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First attempt 83 seconds... I'm done... this hurt my brain...

But then again... I'm a gamer, so I'm trained in this kind of multitasking...


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109 on first attempt. Could've done better if the first two games were controlled by WASD instead of arrow keys; since I'm left handed.

Now back to real multi-tasking: programming. :p



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I got 53 on my first try, which I don't think is to bad for someone with Dysgraphia (Motor skills form of Dyslexia) heh :p


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I can multi-task, just not at playing games. lol. For example, last night I was teaching people how to program, answering their questions, and eating... all while I programmed my assignment. lol