So, currently what is missing from XenForo?


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So, currently what is missing from the current version of XenForo compared to vBulletin 3.8.6? So far, the only big feature I miss is Albums, is there anything else?

It would be nice to see which content will be converted to XenForo (when we get it), and which content will not.

For me content is everything, I want a new code, but I prefer not to loose anything in the process, hope you understand, and yes, I love what I see so far ;)


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I would need both the blogs and albums to get all my data across. I don't care too much for the social groups or profile customisation though.


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Oh yeah, social groups, we have that too, but it's not used much, so I don't care about that.


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Albums and Calendar
(enhanced versions of course ie photos where you can tag your friends in them and calendars where you can create events, people can 'attend' them, and it shows up on your Everyone Feed that someone uploaded pics, got tagged in pics, selected attend to an event)


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Forgot about the calendar, but again it's something I can live without more so as my forum members don't seem to use it at all.

In saying that though I wonder will there be a birthday notification facility to tell who's birthday it is and so on?


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Tags. Not a social feature but i would like it at least in the framework so that i can use it when i need it =)


Blogs and Albums are important. I wonder if it would be possible to import the data and store it (while being viewable) till xenForo has its own blogs and ablums.


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lol can I just say I think it's a good thing there are no albums on XF lol - saves me from disabling it. ;) Please don't start adding junk like this "out of the box" - save that for addons, I beg you :D


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  • A fully integrated socialized Calendar (even vB doesn't have, even if we have suggested this for like a zillion of times :mad:... when are forum companies going to get it?! A sophisticated Calendar is a MUST for many forumowners,
  • Notification System,
  • User Albums,
  • An integrated Blog,
  • A CMS solution, being it integrated or a bridge to Wordpress/Joomla, etc.
I can not buy xenForo, because of the lack of the Blog and CMS.

(I will continue this list)

Sir nick

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What my users are gonna complain about is;

  • No Postbit Information
  • The mods
  • Thread icons
  • User viewing thread/forum
  • Status icons
  • Tagging


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Straightforward method to quote and reply to multiple posts. Something that's done many times every day.


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I believe the question was with regards to the stock vb3.6 (or in my case v3.8) and not add ons?

  • Some way to mark the thread - prefixes, tags, icons... anything would do.
  • Who is viewing what forum
  • It would be nice to be able to do something with the album pictures, it does not need to be elegant, but would like not to loose them.
Most other things such as an online indicator when viewing a thread are being implemented.
It would be nice to be able to do something with the album pictures, it does not need to be elegant, but would like not to loose them.

I never even thought of this until I wanted to upload some random photos. Hopefully we may be able to get a basic album system before long.