SMTP Authentication



I can't wait for this to be officially released. Anyway on to the main question:

Will there an option for all forum-generated mail to be sent through an authenticated SMTP server, like how vB has it? If it's already implemented GREAT! :D If not, maybe it can be considered for the first release? :)

Although some forums may not have a need, other forums (that I have been around, mine included) would need to use an SMTP server for outbound mails for ensured delivery instead of directly spitting them out of the server's local mail system :)



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Wow! Does this mean also we're going to stop seeing the flood of SQL Database Error messages as well? :D Or being able to automatically manage accounts with bounced emails?


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A bounced email addy does not manage accounts with bounced emails. It only gives an address where the thousands of emails can go to. Then it need to be processed...


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But being able to add the bounce email address is already an improvement to the current situation in vb...


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Glad the bounced email situation is acknowledged here. It is a major problem on my site. It would be a huge incentive for me to convert if XF had it developed ^^


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It doesn't at this point. It's a huge topic, though I agree it's important.
Im working on figuring out a useful algorithm to automatically extract hard/soft bounces from an email inbox. Let me know if you want that info.