XF 2.2 Existing Web Site Authentication

Cocoa Bean

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I am wondering if there is an add-on or perhaps a guide that can help me. I am looking to use my current website to authenticate my users. I am not really looking to add a Connected Account or a new SSO. I would just like to direct my users to my already existing website, have them register/login, and they get redirected to the Xenforo forum where a Bearer Token or something like that can authenticate them.

This might be a two part problem because I would need to have customers register on my site and then sync to the forum. And I would need for them to login on my site to authenticate on the forum.

The current site is running on Laravel with Sanctum generating an API key. I don't necessarily need to use Sanctum for the forum, although it would be nice because I have the tokens to authenticate other services too.

Hoping someone has done something similar?
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