Lack of interest Smilies on Status Updates and in Profile Posts


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I think part of it is because it would look weird when you view a Membership Card (look at mine with my latest post, then imagine putting a smilie there).


I do not know if it is a permission to allow BBcode and Smilies in profiles of users. If the guys show up online later and haven't replied yet, I might give them a poke.


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I can't find the thread where this was mentioned, but I had talked about it probably for the take of looking light and well-styled. Smilies in the Member Card wouldn't look to well I suspect.


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If it doesn't cause too much trouble I suppose that might work?
I believe they are parsed on display, so yeah, that should work. :)

EDIT: Actually, I take that back. If you reply to my post, you'll notice that the smiley appears to simply be an image with a URL of "styles/default/xenforo/smilies/smile.png". I could be wrong about this, but from this it looks like they are actually inserted as images, and not parsed on display. Kier or Mike, care to comment? :)


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No, they're parsed on display.

BB codes (and related, including smilies) aren't handled in profile posts/statuses. The only thing is a special case for URLs.