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XF 1.4 Smileys being rendered with old urls

I've just moved smilies from being accessible at http://inc.example.com/smilies/ to being accessible at http://example.com/inc/smilies/ ... and eventually https://example.com/inc/smilies/

Or so I thought.

The files have been moved.

forum.example.com/admin.php?smilies/ has images showing up with the new url.

Creating a post shows smilies for selection with the new url.

Viewing posts still shows up with the old url. I can't find anything on disk with grep, can't find anything in the database when I export it.

Are they stored somewhere in the db in binary format? Is there some cache I can rebuild?
A reasonable suspicion, but I've F5'd, Ctrl+F5's, cleared browser cache & restarted, restarted the virtual machine it's on -

If it's a cache, I'm pretty sure it isn't the browser's.
I found a solution.

My batch update of smilies had been a SQL query with a REPLACE().

forum.example.com/admin.php?smilies/ had shown the expected images, but apparently had to do some further processing.

Re-saving a single smilie correctly registered the change for all of them.