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Hi guys. I recently opened a gaming community running on SMF.
The community has literally boomed from 0 - 190 players over 3 servers every day and the forums are frankly quite disgusting.

I know that there are threads out there about how to import to xenforo etc but I was wandering if theres someone here who does it all for a fee?

I'm willing to upgrade to xenforo and also pay someone to do this for me as I'm really really good at messing things up. I only really know GLUA, everything else I'm not comfortable with doing..



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dont wanna be the bad guy vut isnt it faster (with 190members) to simply frshstart the site and write a news for the ppl to re-register...

the best topics can be migrated (with simple copy and paste) as a reward for the ThreadStarters

safes you loads of time and work and you have no limits given by the migration