Fixed Skype contact field doesn't accept windows live email

Luke F

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With the transfer of msn to skype, quite a few people will be using their msn/live/hotmail/outlook/etc email as a skype identifier, so the field should probably accept valid email addresses.

(not actually sure if you get to choose a skype name from the process as I merged to an existing skype account, but regardless it stands to reason that some will want to use their email as their skype name (I do))


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Considering they're merged, may as well just get rid of the Live field altogether (unless you're running a chinese board, where Live will remain).

As to your question regarding Skype accounts, I believe you can be identified by both. When I click my name on Skype, it says I have 2 accounts: my e-mail and my Skype.


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Edit the skype profile field in admin and change the regex to this


That is what I'm using and it seems to work.