XF 1.4 Sitemap XML

XenForo 1.4 includes a complete and extensible implementation of the Sitemap XML standard, allowing for optimised indexing of your site by search engines.

for like SEO and stuff...

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I have a question about this XML. I don't really understand this XML stuff.

I don't plan to upgrade to 1.4 I'm quiet busy these past days. I don't want to take the time to upgrade.

But if XML helps with SEO and search indexing then i have to MUST make time to upgrade. Will this XML stuff make a big difference in SEO? Should i upgrade my forum?


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Will this XML stuff make a big difference in SEO? Should i upgrade my forum?
By default - ya know without sitemaps? By default, it takes months, and at the very best - weeks to get your site indexed.

By having sitemaps, you're making it easier for bots to find your content, and being able to communicate with them about what threads is in the system and whatnot. The best you can get is that within days, not weeks, days... your content is crawled and indexed.


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There is no such sitemap.php


With switching from the add-on to the now in-built sitemap, the old urls can be pointed to the new one.

RewriteRule ^sitemap/sitemap\.xml\.gz sitemap.php [NC,L]

location ~* /sitemap/sitemap(\.(\w)+(\.(\d)+)?)?\.xml\.gz {
     return 301 $scheme://$server_name/sitemap.php;

This could be done in combination with re-submitting, to make sure everything/everyone is reaching the latest sitemap. Rather than perhaps getting some stray hits to the old ones (or 404).